Children who are six weeks old up to twelve years of age are eligible to enroll in the Center. Admission requirements and enrollment procedures are as follows.

  1. The center operates on a first come/first serve basis according to the date of enrollment with the Director.
  2. If the Center is filled with the parent enrolls the child(ren), the child(ren)'s name will be put on a waiting list to fill vacancies when they occur.
  3. As vacancies occur during the year, they are filled from the waiting list or new registration. 


The tuition will be discussed upon enrollment after the initial registration fee is paid. The initial registration fee is $25, payable at time of enrollment. 

Procedure for Enrollment

Parents who wish to enroll their child(ren) should meet with a member of the Administrative Team to share information about the child and to discuss the policies and procedures of the center.